April 2002
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Technology Taking Off In Glovertown
By: Jennifer K.  
The new two-way satellite in Glovertown is literally blasting off!
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Canadian or Quebecker? Student Exchange Builds Perspective
By: Jacqueline F.  
What makes a country a country?
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Students Calculate the Benefits of Palm Computing
By: Crystal H.
They're called P.D.A.s, or Personal Digital Assistants, and they can go with you anywhere.
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Fresh Ideas for Fresh-Air Course
By: Alex G.
Fresh air and physical activity are two components the Physical Education department at G.V.C. are trying to make as one.
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F.Y.C. Provides Great Opportunities
By: Eva G.
Forum for Young Canadians is a program that brings young people into Parliament and exposes them to the inner workings of our government system.
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A Different Kind of Yearbook: "Bigger and better," say GVC students
By: Amanda F.
"We're trying harder because our mark for our course is based on this yearbook," Melissa Friesen points out.
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The new way of driving - Toyota's hybrid car
By: Jennifer Y.
A car that runs on electricity and gas? What a good idea!
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We Have To
By: Jillian D.
Can we really blame the hunters? They have to support themselves.
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Communication Reaching New Heights
By: Jennifer K.  
A one year multi-media trial allows 13 schools across Canada to communicate with each other via a two-way satellite.
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