February 2002
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By: Jillian Dollimont-Caines, Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Movies are a part of our everyday lives. Weekly rentals, television previews and programs which take a look at the life of Hollywood Stars are viewed by millions of people constantly. Movies and Hollywood is an interesting world, a world that the rest of us only get a glimpse of at the movie theater.

Movies may cost no more than five dollars to rent, but the amazing and unforgettable experience they bring into our household, imagination and life is worth much more. Images of sorrow, joy, fright and excitement are sketched permanently into our memory; expressions on actors' faces remain alive in our minds; and messages and morals are remembered in our hearts.

Everyone has a favorite movie, actor or line. They are memorable. They touch us. Every movie affects somebody and everybody in the world takes something away from a good movie.

Lord of the Rings is presently playing world wide. People everywhere are flocking to theaters in their area to see this movie. People everywhere are going home with the same images and memories. It's obvious that movies bring us together. Movies like Harry Potter are something that millions can have in common, and though we as individuals have our own memories of parties, first kisses and family events, we too, have the same images of movies on our minds...just like a million other people from different countries, backgrounds and ethics.

Movies may aim to entertain, but they do more than that. They move us, they change us, they affect us in powerful ways. The life of Hollywood may be looked upon with envy and spend its time under the spot light, but do the people in that industry realize how influential their profession is? Do they recognize their work as something remarkable, magical and unforgettable? The movie world is a different kind of world, a world the rest of us may only experience at the movie theater. But, no matter how much of the movie world we experience , it's certain its impact will definitely be felt deeply and for years to come.

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