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2003-2004 SNN Student Journalism Winners!
1st Place - Kristen Williams, Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's, NL
2nd Place - Sol Martin, Fredericton High School, Fredericton, NB
3rd Place - Rosel Kim, Seycove Secondary, North Vancouver, BC

Potential "Big Hitter"
By Heather V.
Fredericton High student Patrick Maubert aspires to be more than a local actor.

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Dress Code?
By Erica M.
Often the issue of dress code is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Learning From the Past: In Memory of the Holocaust
By Kristen W.
During the dark years of World War Two, hatred and racism empowered Adolph Hitler to annihilate over twelve million innocent people while the world watched in silence.

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It's Only Fate
By Charmaine P.
Angela and Darren didn't belong together. Whoever set them up is a complete dummy! I know I am and I have the grades to prove it. I should have known better.

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