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It's Only Fate
By Charmaine P., Grade 8, Paradise, NL

On the stump he chose to stand,
Where the memories slowly ran.
Through the forests,
Through the trees,
That's where we were,
Just him and me.

Now he stands there all alone,
Even I can hear him moan.
Even though my heart can't beat,
I can still feel my love's heat.

Yah, I know what you're thinking. Kind of a hopeless romantic, right?! Well, that's what you get for being the star of ‘Romeo and Juliet' for three straight years! Being in ballet since the age of three doesn't help much either.

I'm not talking about me, if that's what you are thinking. Her name's Angela McCarthy. You know, the saint? Well, let me start from the beginning.

About two years ago a girl named Angela McCarthy falls in love with a guy named Darren Smith. Now he was kind of a punk, bad egg if you will. I just can't believe that he fell for the biggest puffball in school! How crazy is that? I mean they're complete opposites. Well, as they say, ‘Opposites attract.'

Oh, by the way, I'm K.C., K.C. Clark. The K.C. stands for Kelly-Cassandra. My dad named me. But enough about me. Let's get back to the story, shall we. Now where was I.... now I remember.

Angela and Darren didn't belong together. Whoever set them up is a complete dummy! I know I am and I have the grades to prove it. I should have known better. It all started the night I brought Darren to Angela's fourteenth birthday party. All the guys coached them to play ‘Seventh Heaven.' After that things were never the same. Sure the next day Darren even looked like he took a shower, and Miss Priss was late for ballet and was skipping school! I mean you know it's weird when....

This was going on for at least two months until one night Darren decided to surprise Angela with a huge diamond ring for their monthly anniversary. Also, for a scare, he went in through the back door and headed slowly up the stairs and opened the door with caution, not knowing that he was in for the biggest surprise of his life!

When he opened the door, he saw the love of his life hanging by her feet from the ceiling with her feet from the ceiling and her throat slashed. In a huge panic he grabbed the knife full of blood and tried to cut Angela down, leaving his fingerprints on the murder weapon. All of a sudden he heard the police outside the door. He panicked and headed for the window when the policeman, Sergeant Banks, shot him. The Sergeant is a good friend of the McCarthys. With Darren down and wounded it was easy for the police to move the body around without too much of a hassle. All the police needed now were his fingerprints to see if they matched with the ones on the knife.

What the police didn't expect to find was another set of hand prints. And, where were the parents when all of this was happening?

The police checked around the house and found the two parents lying dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds. Yet Darren didn't have a drop of blood on him. If he had killed them, there would have been a struggle and he would be covered in blood. So Darren couldn't have been labeled as the McCarthys' killer.

The other prints on the knife were never matched. Does the killer still walk among us??? Who will be the next victim??? People say that their spirits still haunt the place and wait for the killer to be punished. They say you can hear Angela moaning late at night. Until her spirit moves on, she will be imprisoned in her room where she will forever wait for her love to return to her.

You're probably wondering how I know all of this. No, not from the paper. They don't give out this much information. Huh, let's just say that I gave the McCarthys' a very unwelcoming visit that night.


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