September 2001
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G.V.C.'s Cafeteria Lady

By Tammy Banman, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler MB

"What's the special today?" That's a question G.V.C. students ask on a daily basis.

Mrs. Tina Letkeman, the Collegiate's cafeteria lady, is always busy getting meals ready to be served at lunch. G.V.C's school cafeteria has a variety of food, from subs to pizza, and if students like having a particular meal, there is also a repeating menu every week.

Our cafeteria lady is always making sure students enjoy a balanced meal. She needs no specific skills in order to work in the cafeteria. Making good food is the only requirement. "Just like your mother does," says Mrs. Letkeman.

A couple of students work in the cafeteria and help Mrs. Letkeman out, and honesty is something that she generally does not have to worry about. Of course there is always "the odd ball in the bunch" when serving people. Mrs. Letkeman uses a good approach and says she tries to see them as God would see them.

Employed by G.V.C., Mrs.Letkeman has done an extraordinary job with the cafeteria. Students certainly do not need to do as much fundraising anymore, because the cafeteria has been doing so well. Over half the money the cafeteria makes goes to the G.V.C. student council, and the rest goes to Mrs.Letkeman.

Many students do not realize how important their cafeteria lady is. She is like their "mom," always very friendly and ready to meet their needs.


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