May 2003
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Spring Finally Sprung
By Lauren K., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Spring has finally sprung in the city of Fredericton, and Fredericton High students are feeling the heat.

As the weather becomes progressively warmer, more and more students are being found outside. The long awaited spring has finally arrived. And right on schedule too. The warmer weather and longer days are refreshing after the long, dark, cold days of winter.

As a result of all the nice weather, the snow and ice has melted away from the extended part of the student parking lot, exposing a mess of muddy grass. Principal Mr. David MacMillan has reminded students already that parking on this spot is not permitted, and if they are found doing so, they will be asked to remove their vehicle immediately and will have their parking privileges taken away.

The warmer weather also has inspired some students to go out and get some fresh air and exercise.

Alexa K., grade 12 student at Fredericton High, said "Because I live downtown, I walk a lot to various places and with spring having finally arrived, it will make the walking much easier and more pleasant. Warm, sunny spring days increase my motivation to do things and there still aren't any bees around."

Spring motivates a lot of people to get out and get the "stink blown off them." It gives people a boost of energy, which motivates them to get off their lazy behinds and go outside.


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