May 2003
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AAAND Action....New Film Club Develops
By Stephen T., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

The Film Club is an experiment with the mission of producing a film that is representative of the devotion and imagination of Fredericton High School students.

Launched by senior students Tom B. and John F. , and guided by Journalism and Media Studies teacher Mr. Gange, the Film Club is designed to provide all of its members with the full movie making experience.

Though this is Fredericton High's first attempt at creating a school film, the fate of the film looks very promising at this point. Writer Sam T. has produced a comedic screenplay for the project, which deals with most of the typical high school scenarios (romance gone awry, fitting in, being the new kid, etc.) in a blatantly humorous fashion. Auditions for acting parts have provided the club with a tremendous array of talents to choose from.

In addition to writers and actors, the film club is also dependent on the extensive abilities of directors, camera workers, makeup artists and music specialists. Through the tireless efforts of these students, the film makers hope to transform an original script into fast-paced, unique, on-screen action.


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