January 2003
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Unbearable Cruelty
By Natasha B.
In bear farms across China, thousands of bears are kept in unspeakable conditions.
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Preparing students for the real world
By Nira D.
The Radio and Television Broadcasting program at Tec-Voc High School is among the best high school programs in Manitoba to train students for the broadcasting industry.
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Organic labelling rules take effect
By Alanna W.
These laws will assure consumers that they are indeed eating food that has been organically grown without anything "unnatural" being done to it during harvesting.
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Bullying: A Double Bladed Sword
By Erin P.
Bullying is one of the most common and serious problems facing society today.
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ESL - English as a Second Language
By Remzi C.
The ESL classroom wall with welcome written in different languages, including mine, creates nostalgia of my first days at Heart, when, still traumatized by things I went through, I was happy to see a welcome in my language.
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