January 2003
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EMINEM - Rock & Roll's Biggest Pain In The Ass
By Natasha B.
Eminem isn't your average rapper. He's phenomenal.
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Hopelessly Devoted to Grease
By Monique M.
Grease brings to the screen all the innocence and excitement of the rock 'n roll 50's.
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Avril Lavigne
By Jessica S.
Born in Ontario, Lavigne's music can be heard on the radio, blaring from headphones and CD players, and on MTV.
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  Tolkien is Lord of Fantasy
By Jeremy C.
All classic novels are based on a fight between good and evil. "The Fellowship Of The Ring" is no different.
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True Lies
By Monique M.
The Emperor of Ocean Park draws you in and keeps you guessing for over 600 pages.
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The Battle for Middle Earth continues with Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
By Lisa J.
Director Peter Jackson takes the popular book and places it into film form in a creative and interesting way.
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