February 2003
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Missing Digits
By Lindsey H.
In the 2000 school year a new high school math program was introduced into the curriculum in Atlantic Canada. Don't you love it when they use us for guinea pigs?
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Protect your environment
By Shad A.
Littering comes down to disrespect.
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To Have or Not to Have Uniforms, that is the Question!
By Nancy K.
Our every day clothes show our uniqueness.
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An Undeniable First Love
By Lacey W.
Love, an undesirable feeling, one that won't go away without a fight.
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The Most Important Reason of All
By Eleni A.
I have had many pets that I have loved and cared for but it wasn't until I got my second springer spaniel that I was ever consciously aware of anything going from "like" to "love."
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  Be thankful for friends
By Carrie E.
Your friends are people you like because of who they are, not the way they talk, look, dress or speak.
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By Eleni A.
We should be preparing students to deal with the conflicts of new technology, not worrying about what they are wearing.
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The Love of a Family
By Laura H.
The day my cousin was in a car accident changed my life and my family's life forever.
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This Kiss
By Amanda A.
I felt like I was Cinderella and he was my prince charming.
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