September 2002
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A change in the global community
By: Farah K.
I firsthand have seen how people benefit with aid from countries like Canada and I know that the little things, such as fasting for 30-hours can make a profound difference in someone else's life.
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Working with "ART" and Soul
By Meaghan P.
Although art is prevalent in every part of society, it is still greatly unappreciated and underestimated in the west.
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Procrastination—I guess I could do it later…
By: Pooja R.
Although procrastination isn't a disease, it is probably the single most common time management problem.
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Children are not for sale - $1 a day can make a BIG difference
By: Farah K.
Statistics indicate that over one million children are sold and exploited all over the world.
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"The making of FRAMED"
By: Jillian D.
Jillian Dollimont was one of twenty-six students in Newfoundland to attend CBC's media camp - FRAMED - in June 2002.
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