November 2002
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By Katie G., Grade 12 student, Fredericton, NB

There are many challenges facing the homosexual students at Fredericton High School. A grade 12 student Brandon Darr (name changed) has had to personally face many of these challenges.

Being put down by the others is one of these challenges. Brandon has been called many names over the past few years. "Not so much now, but before, when I came out, the jockey football players and hockey players would scream remarks towards me such as fag, queer, fairy ," said Darr.

Finding a partner has also proven to be quite difficult, considering the number of openly homosexual students. "There are some, not many," said Darr. He finds it difficult to find a partner his age, dating mostly older boys. "Because I came out at such a young age, it's hard to find people of equal understanding. Most people come out at an older age, twenty-ish. I would prefer someone closer to my age," he said.

When Brandon told his friends and family about his sexuality, he got many different reactions, but things turned out fine. "I've made more friends than I've lost," he said. His parents didn't react how he expected them to. "They seem okay about it. I know they're not, but at least they're pretending," said Darr.

"Being a homosexual student at F.H.S. is difficult," said Darr. "But," he said, "it's easiest to be honest with yourself and with those you love."

Comments on article:

Sarah King, Age 17, Bay Roberts, Nfld.
What an extraordinary story. Wow! I'm impressed. One of my close friends is gay, and I'm glad someone is out there representing gays in a positive light. Wonderful Story, Keep up the good work!


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