December 2002
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Oops she did it again!!!
By Nira D.
If Britney Spears wants to target her music to a young demographic then she should consider the fact that those children look up to her.
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"Do We Want to Send our Babies to War?"
By Chantel C.
President George Bush is not facing an easy decision.
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Legalization of Marijuana
By Matt C.
There is much controversy surrounding the issue of legalizing marijuana.
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University or College...yes all the way!
By Farah K.
University is not a waste a time or money. Itís a time of self-discovery to find out what I want to do.
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Teens and Stress
By Sara D.
As far as the "real world" goes teens are living it every day.
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Canadian vs. US Television
By Liane L.-T.
The American versions of teen dramas involve beautiful twenty-somethings pretending to be sixteen-year olds.
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Teens and Religion
By Mahmoud H.
The world has become a global village and people must learn how to be more than tolerant of others' beliefs.
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  Canadian vs. American Television
By Jane V.
What makes a show Canadian or American is more than simply the location and nationality of the producing and filming bodies.
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Observations on Religion
By Christopher C.
Teens today don't seem to be less interested in spiritual matters - just less vocal about it.
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A "Happy" Life
By Brandon D.
Being gay isn't easy, especially being gay, out, and in high school.
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Teens vs Parents
By Lindsay E.
Every teen needs someone to be there for them.
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Teenager Relationships
By Christina C.
When a teenager gets to high school a relationship is seen in a whole new perspective.
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Christmas Damper
By Stephanie L.
I feel much would be gained by having a wider separation between our time of joy (Christmas) and our time of tribulation (exams).
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"What is Cool?"
By Steven N.
Is cool your perspective on life? Or maybe the way you dress?
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Potato Break
By Nathan L.
A spokesperson said that without students, the harvest is in jeopardy.
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