December 2002
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Bombs, Babes, and Bond
By Jason S.
This is a must see for any and all 007 fans!
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Phantom Crash Review(Xbox version)
By Sterling D.
It’s the year 2025 and the capital of Japan has been moved and what was left behind is called;"Old Tojyo
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Food for Thought
By Jane V.
This delightful tale is a magical journey of growth, acceptance, friendship and, of course, chocolate.
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An Emotional Journey
By Lauren K.
When Creed's third album, Weathered, was released it quickly debuted at number one on the US charts in December of 2001.
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Eminem masters his own show
By Tasha B.
Love him or hate him, Eminem makes no apologies, and The Eminem Show is as strong a statement as he's made to date.
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Chamber of Secrets Book Review
By Eleni A.
There are very few books that can be read over and over, but the Chamber of Secrets is one of them.
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Finding Hope
By Lauren K.
Hope Floats is a heartwarming story about following your heart and finding yourself.
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J to Tha Lo!
By Christina C.
In terms of fame, few people can reach the heights that tough girl Jennifer Lopez has reached.
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"The Greyest of Blue Skies"
By Matt W.
The Greyest of Blue Skies is the enigmatic title of Finger Elevens' second release since the 1997 release of "Tip".
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It's Hip to be Square
By Jane V.
John Mayer is a new face in folk-rock music.
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jMusica Latina, ¿ Porque No?j
By Sarah G.
Juanes has a unique musical style that blends folk, pop, Colombian and Latin rock music, along with a little rhythm and blues.
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  It's getting hot in heere
By Farah K.
Nelly morphed Vancouver's Pontiac Theatre into his own mini "Nellyville" on Tuesday December 3rd.
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K3G a mix of others?
By Amanda T-S.
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is a star packed film with a storyline that was great.
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Resident Evil inhabits Gamecube
By Joel G.
Resident Evil, the survival/horror series developed by Capcom, has been remade and revamped to put on Nintendo’s newest console, Gamecube.
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American KIDS
By Blake S.
The life of American teenagers growing up in New York City in the mid 90's is anything but glamorous.
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Teens Finally Appreciate Shakespeare
By Jennifer B.
Some might say, "Shakespeare? Appealing to teens? I don't think so!" But it's true.
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A Stroke of Brilliance
By Colin D.
The Strokes are a band of a new generation.
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Every now and then an old favorite is worth re-visiting. Roaring Flame
By Mahmoud H.
Things Fall Apart is challenging but extremely rewarding reading.
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Listen to some videogame OST's
By Mike L.
Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS is one of the best works done by Nobuo Uematsu.
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The Mothman Prophecies
By Nicole B.
This movie is a supernatural thriller inspired by true events.
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Forbidden Truth
By Mahmoud H.
Wrapped in warm gold gift paper, Sarafina! is a shockingly vivid representation of how cruel and unjust white people were toward black people in South Africa.
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