December 2002
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The Feeling That I Get
By Stacey N., Grade 7, St. John Bosco, St. John's, NL

I feel as if I'm flying, almost like a bird.
The feeling is so weird, an explanation
There is no word.

As I put my pencil to the paper,
The feeling grows more exciting.
So many thoughts go through
My head as I continue writing.

I go through it over and over again,
I've never felt this way. I sit there and
Write for hours, sometimes all through-
Out the day.

My palms, I feel get sweaty but yet
I can not stop. I feel like I'm a star
Above, as if I'm on the top.

I could go on even longer, but there
Has to be an end. As I write my
Last thoughts on the paper...I can't
Wait to start again


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