Jean Beliveau: a Canadian hockey hero

What is the true definition of a hero? Is a hero as defined in mythology and legends, a man often born of one mortal, and once divine parent, who is endowed with great courage and strength and celebrated for his bold exploits and favoured by gods? Or is a hero just a person who brings joy to your life?
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Native artists and leaders inspire young people

To me, my aboriginal heritage is priceless. The ways that aboriginal people make a difference can be seen in several of my heroes, including Beatrice Culleton, Pauline Mitsuk, and others who have contributed to the wealth that is the visual artistry of Canada.
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Celebrating the memory of a hero's marathon

"I just wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try - dreams are made if people try." ..... With a dream in his own heart, Terry Fox told anyone who listened. Fox had a simple dream. His dream was one that gave others courage and inspiration.
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Terry Fox inspires people to chase their dreams

My favorite hero did a lot. He had a heart of gold. He raised a lot of money. His dream inspired a lot of people. He had cancer in his leg. He ran for Canada. We continue his dream each year. His name is Terry Fox.
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Finding heroes close to home and far away

My definition of a hero is someone who is looked up to and admired, someone who is brave and kind, someone who faces challenges and does amazing things. My two heroes are Cassie Campbell, a women's hockey player, and my grandpa.
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A grandmother's every-day struggles make her a hero

My grandma was born Patricia Joyce Goldstone on March 24 , 1928. By no means is she famous, and most people will never meet her. But she is a hero to me and I will tell you why.
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