Finding heroes close to home and far away

By Danielle Gélinas
St. Christopher Secondary School
Sarnia, Ontario

My definition of a hero is someone who is looked up to and admired, someone who is brave and kind, someone who faces challenges and does amazing things. My two heroes are Cassie Campbell, a women's hockey player, and my grandpa.

The reason Cassie Campbell is my hero is because she's very talented at what she does. She's very professional and she does not let anything get to her. When I'm older, I want to be just like her. She's been through so much: winning both the gold and silver medal in the Olympics. She also takes time to meet her fans and the people who look up to her because she knows there's a lot of them.

The reason I picked my grandpa is because he's been through so much and he still keeps a great sense of humour and treats everybody equally. He's had to go through the same painful operation twice and the second time was because he was helping his neighbour move his boat. He also snow-plowed every driveway on his street, just to be nice. Right after his second
operation, when he was just getting better, his big brother died. His brother was like a Dad to him because his real Dad died when he was ten years old.

My grandpa is admired by me and so many other people because he's always in a good mood and you have to love him. He's seventy-five years old. His birthday is on Valentine's day and I hope he lives for another seventy-five.

In conclusion, I'd like to say I hope I'm a hero to someone someday because I'm sure heroes appreciate that they're my heroes.