Terry Fox inspires people to chase their dreams

By Mark Quintos
Winnipeg, Manitoba

My favorite hero did a lot. He had a heart of gold. He raised a lot of money. His dream inspired a lot of people. He had cancer in his leg. He ran for Canada. We continue his dream each year. His name is Terry Fox.

Fox ran a lot of miles. It was too bad he passed away. He wanted to find a cure for cancer. While running, he earned donations. Everybody had faith in him. We knew he could do it. But as the dream faded, our hearts were broken.

Fox's running showed me that a hero is waiting inside of you. Fox's hero didn't have to come out. It was already out. His soul was pure. It was too bad he had cancer. He didn't deserve it. There are people who would have done the same. It's too late. But we still continue Fox's dream. We not only do it for the people with cancer, but for Fox himself.

All of us seek Fox's use for running. He did it for all the people. He didn't want anybody to die because of cancer. Fox was a strong hero. He's a new definition for heroism, a true hero with a past of great accomplishments.

Everybody across Canada believed in Fox. We knew his heart matched every other hero's. A lot of faith was put into the donations. All of us crossed our fingers and prayed. We knew he would survive. He was brave and full of heart. His soul was deep and had no sorrow.

The faith we had was really strong. We wished and prayed. Now we continue his dream. A great dream. The best dream. Fox cared for all, loved all, and ran for all.

I truly admire the hard work he went through and all the pain and suffering. He inspired me to push myself, to do great things for others, to have the courage to follow my dream. I will accomplish my dream for the one and only, Terry Fox.

I will speak the following words soon, "I accomplished my dream. This is for Terry Fox, the finest hero who ever walked this earth."