Checking out the buzz on this year's Oscars

What are you doing March 26th? You better turn to ABC because The Oscars are starting!
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"Rave, Rave... Against the Dying of the Light"

Raves, often held in warehouses or other large venues, usually boast one or more rooms, each with a set of disc jockeys and light shows. Often they don't start until late in the evening, and many high school students go just to have a place to dance until the early hours of the morning.
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A few surprises at 2000 Grammy Awards

Once again people around the country tuned in to watch the 42 Annual Grammy Awards on February 23.
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A new bunch of movies not to miss

Want a thriller? Don't see this one. Don't get me wrong though… it was a good movie. It was kind of a suspense flick and it sort of made you sit on the edge of your seat.
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Winter movies to rent

Assuming this is available to rent, you most definitely should pick it up. There's not really a class to put this movie in though, except for that dreaded word: commentary. It's not a drama, or a comedy, or a suspense..... although, it does have all of those elements.
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