Winter movies to rent

By Jenny Comeau
Dartmouth High School
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

American Beauty


Assuming this is available to rent, you most definitely should pick it up. There's not really a class to put this movie in though, except for that dreaded word: commentary. It's not a drama, or a comedy, or a suspense.....although, it does have all of those elements.

The plot is based around a white, suburban American family who should be the icon of perfection, but in actuality are the complete opposite. The husband and wife hate each other, and, of course, the daughter hates both of them. Not an incredibly originally plot, but the events and outcome make up for it.

All of the characters, especially the next door neighbours, are very intriguing, and you tend to be shocked by them. The viewer tends to get wrapped up in their lives, and at some points, you may find yourself congratulating them, or being frustrated.

However, if you don't like a movie based solely on people's lives, or if you only like action movies, this is not the film for you. Also, a warning: if you are uncomfortable with course language and phrases, "mature" subjects, or nudity (female teenage nudity, that is) you also may want to think twice about viewing this.


Urban Legends

On the off chance that you really liked the "Scream" movies, here is another cheap thriller that may or may not make you jump.

The movie is based around...you guessed it! Urban Legends. It's seems as though the old tales of seemingly impossible murders are coming to haunt the students of a campus where the same murders supposedly occurred years before. The students are trying to figure out the killer before they become the next victims.


As in the other popular "horror" movies, there really isn't a lot of substance to this movie - just a couple of jumps, and cute actors. However, if you ARE in the market, I do highly recommend this movie.


Empire Records

This is my absolute favourite movie of all time - although I honestly couldn't give you a substantial reason why.

Empire Records is the story of a day in the life of kids working in a music store, which is on its way to being part of a huge chain. (Think Urban Sound Exchange is being bought by Sam The Record Man.) The teenagers, who all have their own problems, try to solve them - some through odd methods. Their entire goal is to raise enough money so the manager, Joe, can buy the store, and they can all keep happily working there.

If nothing else, "Empire Records" has some amazingly quotable lines, such as, "The fat man walks alone," as well as a great soundtrack. Obviously, I'm very biased towards this movie - but I haven't found anyone yet who has watched this and didn't like it.