Young Stress

Stress is present in the lives of each and everyone of us. Young and old alike, we all encounter our daily dilemmas and often times don't know where to turn.
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E. coli Kills 6 People in Walkerton Ontario

Last week five adults and a baby died because of E.coli in the Walkerton Ontario's water supply. Officials in charge of the contaminated water supply failed to warn residents of the small farming town not to drink the water because they did not realize the potential danger of E. coli. 
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Life After High School

The end of the school year is near. Fears have set in for some students who will be graduating from high school this June. This means that these students have to make decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do.
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Flour Babies Teach Responsibility

Start of with a seven pound sack of flour, add doll arms, legs, a head and clothes. What do you get? Babies, responsibility, accountability: all these can be summed up in two words, family living.
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Youth Ventures Program Brings Entrepreneurial Awareness To High School Students

Can't get a summer job? Don't worry because the Youth Ventures Program is here to help you. The Youth Ventures Program is a program designed to promote entrepreneurial awareness and skills to students and assist them in starting their own small business.
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