Youth Ventures Program Brings Entrepreneurial Awareness To High School Students

By: Heather Lavers
Roncalli Central High School
Port Saunders, NF

Can't get a summer job? Don't worry because the Youth Ventures Program is here to help you. The Youth Ventures Program is a program designed to promote entrepreneurial awareness and skills to students and assist them in starting their own small business.

Sheldon Payne, the Youth Ventures Coordinator from the Red Ochre Board visited Roncalli High on Friday May 12th 2000 to speak with the Enterprise Education class about the program and what it offers them

View a video clip of
Sheldon Payne's presentation.

In his presentation Mr. Payne stated some of the objectives of the Youth Ventures Program, which are: to provide summer employment for youth, to generate an appreciation in the youth for small business issues and to develop entrepreneurial training through mentoring relationships with the business community.

Students interested in the Youth Ventures Program are taught how to develop an idea, prepare a business plan and if necessary, access to a business loan. From May to September regional coordinators visit students at their business on a regular basis to provide advice and support. At the end of the summer, students are expected to submit a year-end report.

When asked how the presentation went Mr. Payne responded, "I think the presentation went very well, I'm looking forward to seeing many of these faces in the coming weeks." It appeared that students got the same reaction from Mr. Payne's presentation. Tara Cassell, a level three student at Roncalli said, "The presentation was really good. It actually made me consider creating my own summer job." Christine Wu, a level two student at Roncalli agreed by saying, "The presentation was very informative. It increased my interest in starting a business this summer."

The Youth Ventures Program was designed to ensure a resource whereby youth could feel more comfortable , knowing there were people they could turn to for assistance. Don Tulk, Enterprise Education teacher at Roncalli said, "This program allows students to learn about themselves, it gives them a chance to make money and also opens doors for the future."

If money is what you want then get up and do something this summer. Start by calling your local Youth Ventures Coordinator.