Andrew Mercer - Full Tilt Design

A software developer has created a new way to interconnect musicians from different locations over the Internet via computer.
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Kids debugging the millennium bug

The grade five students at Holy Trinity Elementary School in Torbay, Newfoundland, have been doing research on how exactly one would go about "debugging" the Y2K problem.
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Distance Education Program allowing people a better future

Further develop your career or professional ambition with distance education. On Wednesday July 8, Charles Bachman, co-ordinator of the Distance Education program at the University College of Cape Breton, gave a presentation showcasing its particular Distance Education Program.
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SNN offers young people an exciting learning experience

SchoolNet News Network gives students a chance to share their ideas on the Internet. On Thursday, July 8th, Beth Ryan, the coordinator of SchoolNet News, conducted a seminar called And Now the News... Journalism in the classroom.
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Technology raises controversy in education

Is technology doing more harm in schools than good? At a Hook, Line, and Net conference on Stephenville's College of The North Atlantic campus which took place on June 8,1999, four panelists assembled in front of a public audience to discuss their views on the issue.
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Kids Camp makes a splash at Hook, Line, and Net ‘99

Not only the adults had a great time at the Hook, Line, and Net conference in Stephenville. The kids had a ball as well. Adults who bring kids to the conference, have no fear. It's kid's camp to the rescue!
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