Kids Camp makes a splash at Hook, Line, and Net ‘99

By Crystal Martin
Roncalli High School
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

Adults weren't the only ones to have a great time at the Hook, Line, and Net conference in Stephenville. The kids had a ball as well. Adults who brought kids to the conference didn't have to rely on babysitters. It's kid's camp to the rescue!

Kid's camp is for the adults who bring their children along but don't want to drag them to all the lectures and seminars. With Kid's camp, the parents can drop the kids off and while they are at the lectures and seminars, the kids will be doing all sort of activities.

On the first day of the kid's camp, the kids had a tour of the library at the College of the North Atlantic as well as the wonderful computer labs there. On the second day, the children where again treated to the wonderful technology at the main building of the College. Then after that they went swimming in the local pool. The children seemed to have a blast at the pool.

Sonya Dawe, a teacher, is the co-ordinator of the Kid's camps. She has been keeping the kids busy and happy while the parents go to the lectures and grassroots projects.


These kid camps are a great idea. There's no more fussing with a babysitter, no more having to worry if your children are alright while you are at the conference. With the kid's camp, you'll be able to have your mind clear and free of worry, so that you can take in the information explored and given in this conference.