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Hook, Line and Net 2001: Receiving The World

SNN Student ReportersOnce again this year, SchoolNet News Network student reporters covered the happenings at STEM~Net's yearly education and technology conference.

This year's Student reporters were:

From Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders ~

Jennifer Wu
Erika Lavers
Lori O'Keefe
Lindsey House

From Ascension Collegiate, Bay Roberts ~

Sarah King

Here are the articles written by the students along with images of the conference. Keep checking over the next few weeks for a video presentation of the conference:

Learning Over the Summer

HLN 2001 Opening Ceremonies

Kiss the Mouse Goodbye

Microworlds With Bill and Beth

Live... at Roger's Cable, GFW

Steve Dotto Addresses Participants at HLN

How Remote is Remote?

Here are pictures taken by the student reporters covering the Hook, Line and Net conference. Click on a picture to see a larger version:

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