March 2003
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What's with Reality Shows?
By Sonya R., Grade 12, Marystown Central High, Burin, NL

There is no denying that all of us at some point in our lives watched or have become addicted to Reality Shows. However, you cannot help but ask yourself, "Is this for real?"

I for one, absolutely love Reality Television. I can say that I have watched almost every Reality Show produced. However, they never cease to amaze me with how ridiculous they can get. It's almost as if there is a huge competition between the best and the worst reality shows these days. Take Joe Millionaire and The Bachelor for instance. Both have the same scheming plot; one handsome, wealthy hunk and 25 single, beautiful women, all of whom are trying to win a game in which "marriage" is the end result. Yeah right! Nice try. We all know the difference! Neither The Bachelor or Joe Millionaire remained with their so-called, "soul mates." In fact, once these shows came to an end, so did the loving relationships between the couples. All a huge scam for one guy to be with 25 gorgeous women at one time, if you ask me.

If you're looking for "true" Reality T.V. (as I like to call it), then your best bet is to get into watching shows such as Survivor, American Idol, or Fear Factor. At least in the end, your award or prize is a keeper. I honestly think that these types of Reality Shows outlast all others because it takes a heck of a lot more strength and determination to make it to the end. Also, these shows are always different. New obstacles and challenges are presented to overcome in every episode, rather than another date with a different woman. There has to be some realism involved.

Reality Television is great once you get into watching it, as long as you don't take them too seriously. You can always tell when most of them are messing with you. Just another bright idea to try and outbeat the rest of the competition. That's how I see it. Just think about it. Would you marry someone you never even met before, just because America picked them for you? I think not. Come on, get real.


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