March 2003
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Just Words They Are Not
By Ashley S., St. Catherine's, NL

Don't choke back your own salty tears,
Come on let them flow.
Nobody knows your deepest fears,
And no one has to know.

Cry until there is no more,
Cry until you have run dry.
Cry because your heart is torn,
You don't even have to try.

Everyday you wonder what they say,
And what they think of you.
Don't worry now, not today.
For today they are crying too.

Inside of you bottled up hid away for so long,
I wish I had of known, why couldn't you tell me?
They had no idea they didn't suspect a thing.
Now today, it has been so long, you are finally free.

To see you lying there so lifeless, and so bare.
They didn't think you'd do it,
You said you'd made them care.

Now all they do is sit and look,
Something that they could have prevented.
The life that their ignorance took,
The result, a young life now ended.

This is dedicated to the young girl in B.C that took her own life because she could not handle the verbal and sometimes physical abuse that she had endured at the hands of her classmates.
My condolences to her family .


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