March 2003
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Good versus Evil
By Kael C., Grade 8, Tec-Voc School, Winnipeg, MB

What is evil? And for that matter, what is good? Are they both real ways to explain a person's behavior, or, are good and evil based on opinion? Is there truly evil out there? Is there good out there? All of these questions I have tried to answer for myself for most of my life.

Perhaps there is evil, and good, but is it evil to try to protect your starving country? What is good when you kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children? If that is good and evil, I have been grossly misinformed about what those words mean. For example, I am not saying that I feel George Bush is evil, and I am not saying that Saddam Hussein is good. What I am saying is your opinions on these men are just that, opinions.

The way I see good and evil is that both of these leaders think they are doing the right thing. "Good" (Bush) thinks he's doing right thing by protecting his country and destroying the "Evil" (Hussein). "Evil" will think he's right to protect his country. "Good" thinks it is okay to use its power to force other countries into joining a war. When "Good" attacks "Evil," "Evil" usually goes into hiding (like Osama Bin Laden). What has been resolved?

Shall we try and look at this from "Evil's" point of view? In their voice, "We have been walked over for so long that we are going to make a stand. We are going to be laughed at if we try to initiate discussion. We are going to make ourselves heard! We are prepared to fight against the evil of the world the Great Satan!" Meanwhile, "Good," after September 11th, is thinking, "What is Evil's motivation? What have we done to them? They are truly evil. We are going to strike back!"

I think that this war is a meaningless battle. We all know that violence can solve nothing. If we "win" the war, nothing will change and there will be another attack eventually. If the absolute "Evil" wins, then "Good" will attack again, refusing to give up. How can we even think that there is winning in war when no matter what, it will always end in sadness? How can we think that there is good or evil because when someone is always attacking someone else, the lines blur?

I have little else to say. I had hoped that we would avoid war. This war is not about fighting evil, because if it were, Hussein would have been kicked out of government years ago. We are not fighting for the good of the world.

Now that I think about it, maybe there is an evil. But is there a good?


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