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German Tour 2003
By Benji Wall, Grade 12, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

The Senior 3 and 4 German classes at G.V.C. will be going to Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the spring of 2003. The students will leave Canada on March 26 and return on April 9.

Among the major cities they will visit are Munich and Frankfurt. Highlights of the trip will include hiking through the Black Forest, gazing through the Art Museum, walking through the salt mines, and skiing in the Alps. Students will also see such sites as thousand-year-old churches and castles and towns that are up to 1500 years old. They will eat in the restaurants that prepare the delicious ethnic foods of different cultures. On their own time, students will also be able to visit malls, chocolate factories, and concentration camps.

By participating in this German Tour, students will gain a cultural perspective and learn to use the language better. They will also see how the people live and learn more about the geography and the historical and architectural aspects of the three countries.

To finance their travels, about nine or ten students from the Senior 3 and 4 classes have been fundraising since last March. Future fundraising will include selling German Chocolates, doing car washes, running garage sales, helping at three IGA BBQ's, as well as selling mini donuts at the Canada Day celebrations. They will also market Mom's Pantry Products in October and gift items from catalogues.

The cost of this trip will be about $2000 for each student. That amount covers their airfare, food, transportation, and lodging. Some of the students had to go out and get a part time job so that they could make ends meet to go on this trip.

They will be flying from Winnipeg on a non-stop, 8-hour flight to Germany. Mrs. Teresa Dick and Mrs. Doreen Prazak will be the staff advisers along with two parent volunteers.

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