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By Alicia Sanderson, Grade 12, Tec-Voc High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

When is this war going to end?   This war is not our friend.

Screams and cries of those whose lives were taken.
Will war make it better? Or are we mistaken.

I was taught that two wrongs don't make a right.
We know that thousands of innocent people died on that horrible day.
But will war really make everything ok?

Really think about it.
Right now our hearts are so full of revenge.
All we want to do is even the score.
But we are now killing those who are innocent as well.

We are in search for one.
One person whom we can not find.
Are we really getting anywhere?
That is the question so frequently on my mind.

I think it would be so nice if war were preventable.
I live in a world where war is ok.
In some cases it is even praised.
I live in a world where people kill one another, for no real reason.

I think of what has been done in the past and I cry.
I cry because I am disappointed with tragedies that have happened in the world.

Fear, fearing for our lives on this very day.
The unpredictabilities that just might say
Mary, you're not going to make it home today.