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Superchic[k] Concert
By: Jacqui Friesen, Grade 12, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler MB

The energy level was high in the Pantages Playhouse Theatre, Winnipeg, as recent Christian pop punk band Superchic[k] took to the stage on December 4th. Combining musical talent with a solid message, Superchic[k] commanded the attention of teens all over Manitoba. They came as a part of the "Get Up! 2001" tour along with special guest Cadet, and Acquire the Fire speaker Michael Collins.

Matt, the bass player for Superchic[k], kicked off the evening with a story about a girl who refused to be molded by her peers. He encouraged teens to focus on God and concentrate on being what He wants you to be instead of trying to be something you're not.

Following Matt was alternative-rock trio, Cadet. Their job, as opening band, was to warm-up the crowd, and that they did! They played a half-hour set of tracks from their self-titled album Cadet. These included "God Man" and "Precious One" as well as former Monkees song "I'm a Believer".

Michael Collins of Acquire the Fire came out next with a message for teens to get up, go out, and change the world. He talked about how teens can witness to people, as well as showing a video about Compassion International, a child-sponsorship program.

After two hours of pre-concert show, the band most of the crowd had come to see, Superchic[k], took to the stage. From the very beginning, the band had the crowd jumping. They featured tracks from debut album "Karaoke Superstars," including hit tracks "Barlow Girls", "Get Up", "Super Trooper", and "Big Star Machine". Half way through their performance, they surprised the crowd with new song, "Real." When asked for crowd feedback, the song was given a thumbs-up all around.

The concert closed with the audience reflecting not on Superchic[k] as the stars but rather on God the Heavenly Father as the audience joined in a song of worship.

Superchic[k] made the concert fun with their garage-band style of punk rock. By the end of the night the whole theatre was swaying, jumping, and singing along. All the while they made it clear that they were there for a purpose, to tell people about Christ and motivate them to "Get Up" and tell others. They proved once again that they are, "just your average girl-fronted, pop-punk, hip-hop, disco-funk, garage band with something to say and pyro to prove it."