September 2001
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Not the Movie: It's Real... And it's Scary
By: Gail A.
To be in high school in Canada and the U.S. at this moment in time is coming to be a scary thing for some of us. We are thinking about whether our friends, or even ourselves, may be called to war against the horrendous act of terrorism.
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Why Stay With an Abusive Person?
By: Sheila M.
I feel so sorry for the girls I know who are abused by their boyfriends; they don't know how to get away from it.
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Attack on America
By: Sarah King
"We are all victims of war, whether or not we are actively involved in it".
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Teens Want More Freedom
By: Aynsley W.
I feel teachers and parents place additional and unnecessary stress on kids.
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A Bone to Pick With Society
By: Krysta M.
Teens of today have a bone to pick about how society portrays them.
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Practice Tolerance
By: Amanda J.
Attacks against Muslims and Arabs have been reported across North America and the world.
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