September 2001
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Joshua, 15, Calgary, Alberta
Regarding the tragic events of Sept 11th, I am deeply concerned that this whole incident is going to lead to World War 3. I am in my last year of high school. Throughout my schooling and home life, we have been taught that violence doesn't solve anything. And now, the media, politicians say that we have become a violent society. They say, we are at war.I am very afraid of what is going to happen. I don't understand, how going to war is going to solve anything? I agree that something needs to be done, a punishment needs to be served, but a war will not solve anything, but more loss of life. Havenít enough people lost their lives - in this recent tragic event and throughout the past few years in conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. There just doesn't seem to be a direct answer. There is tons of speculation, and different stories are constantly floating around the media, its hard to keep up, to keep your fears at ease.

Sandra, 13, Mount Pearl, NF
When I saw what happened at the World Trade Center, I was stunned and couldnít believe what I was seeing. How could someone do this? But there is something else that is REALLY, REALLY upsetting me. How can the U.S. talk about having a war? Attacking countries! Parents, teachers ALWAYS tell us say two wrongs don't make a right! And also, everyone is mad because lots of people have died! But if the U.S. goes to war then an even larger amount of people will die! Women and children just like what happened in the U.S. But of course this is just my opinion! I think that everyone should be praying for all the families and people who died! Yes, these terrorists have to be brought to justice. But remember we don't want war, because more people will die than are dead now, more innocent people. So please remember WE DON'T WANT WAR!

Jason, 14, Corner Brook, NF
I understand that we are all devastated by what has happened. But what is this talk of war, attacking countries. If the U.S. is a civilized and democratic nation then you will bring the culprits to the proper justice as war criminals. War is a crime as far as I'm concerned anyway. If Afghanistan or other countries are bombed or attacked in any way by the U.S military, then there is no telling how large the death toll will be. Find the people reasonable, but if you go and bomb countries and kill innocent people, are you any better than the terrorists who attacked and killed innocent Americans?

Robert, 16, Saskatoon, SK
What the terrorists did was terrible, horrible thing. But the blame should stay with him and his helpers. The media are reporting that Muslims are being discriminated against. These people are Canadians and Americans just like anyone else. They have loved ones who died in this tragedy also. We have to stop blaming those who are innocent people. If we continue to beat up their religious places and harass them on the street, then we are becoming terrorists too.

Jennifer, 13, Cambridge, ON
The people who did this didn't care what happened because they died and didn't have to suffer the consequences. But by doing this horrible thing they may have put their own loved ones at risk. It doesn't matter if the United States "deserved" it because of their activities and policies in the Middle East. I feel that this has caused problems all over the world not just in the United States - everywhere.

Does Bush have the best intentions? He says that justice will be served and all terrorists must be handed over immediately. Yeah, right! Do you actually think it's gonna be that easy?? Well, I believe that World War 3 will not come. But if the United States attack, they should have done it earlier. Afghanistan had time to prepare for anyhing that the United States has to throw at them. This is very sad... and it seems to me that every Muslim or closely related religon have become to blame for this. The United States have to be precise and not point the finger at everyone that "looks" like a suspect. This will cause a bigger problem and could possibly lead to other terorrist attacks. My prayers go out to every family that has suffered this great tragedy. I just wish that the terrorists could still be alive so that they could see what they have done and be punished in some way.....

Nick H
America should be stricter

America is worried that they are retaliating brutally. They send rations and only attack military bases. I think America should take out Afghanistan. I know two wrongs don't make a right but they are retaliating, yes?? When the Afghans striked they didn't care about innocent lives. They decided to go and kill thousands. They didn't drop rations, they didn't only attack the enemies but openly quarreled with innocent bystanders. I think America should take out Afghanistan in a massive air strike. If they only attack lightly against the enemies, they might survive and conjure another terrorist act. Starting this war and spreading biological warfare with Anthrax in the mail was not done by America and they should not let the Afghans step over them. Some people in Afghanistan don't know about the attacks on the WTC or Pentagon. This may be for man to man combat so their army might think Bush started it all. There needs to be a bigger punishment for these horrifying crimes and the innocent people of Afghanistan, it's their own fault. The country is practically run by the Taliban and they decided to attack the U.S.A. Bush is being too nice. He should punish with supreme force!