September 2001
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What Makes a Good Reporter?

Are you curious about what's going on around you?
Are you interested in using words and/or pictures and sound to help tell stories?
Would you like to share your ideas and news from your community with others - in your community and through an unlimited audience around the world via the internet?

Answering yes to the questions above indicates you would make a good reporter.

Students who are curious about the world around them: why things happen, what’s happening around them, issues that concern them show good inquisitive skills.

Students who what to know the background behind issues, who want to dig deeper into the story - to do research, demonstrate good investigative skills.

Being able to bring thoughts, ideas and information together in well structured, writing format is important. Journalistic writing begins with good writing skills.

Being able to communicate with people in expressing ideas is important especially when interviewing a person for a story and can be developed over time.

Being able to assess (question) information to ensure its accuracy and relevance to the story.

Adaptability. Adapts quickly and easily to different situations - from working on one story and then being asked to moved to completing another story.

To be able to use technology as a tool for communicating ideas and news, beginning with word processing/typing abilities, using audio and video equipment, and integrating audio and video into the story.

Determination and dedication to the task at hand- to ensure the story gets done on time

Ability to work well with others - sharing story ideas, helping with reports, good interaction.

All these skills make a good reporter. A good sense of humour helps as well when you are trying to meet a deadline.