January 2002
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For our next edition - February 2002 - we have `Your Future' as our theme. The crunch is on for students graduating in June - What to do? Where to attend school???.

Check out these ideas for your story.

Now that you are in your final years of high school, the pressure is on to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life?
Teacher, doctor, actor, writer, geologist, nurse, carpenter, computer specialist, graphic designer, musician, accountant, ??????

Making those choices, preparing for college/university, leaving home, living on your own ~ ~ WOW! The stress mounts as you contemplate all these issues.

Write a profile, opinion or feature story for SNN. Remember adding video/audio to your story creates a visual image for your readers. Here are some questions/activities that might help you.

1. Activity #1: Have some students who are not quite sure what career they want to get into do some career assessment - visit the Human Resource Development Canada website and do a skills/personality inventory to find out what types of careers may interest them. Have other students who know what careers they want to pursue, do profiles of those careers. This information can be obtained from the guidance counsellor, the internet, career resource books and people in those careers.

2. Activity #2. Divide the classroom into 3-4 groups to discuss student fears about their future: the job market -will there be a job for me when I graduate university/college?, going in debt trying to get a good education, being able to stay in your own province/community; what's important - money, enjoying what you do, lifestyle choices.

3. Interview students graduating in June on what their aspirations are for their future? What are their fears? Use video camera or audio tape to capture their thoughts.

4. What is the job market like in your province? Contact your guidance counsellor, your local HRDC office to find out what kind of jobs are good prospects for employment in your area.

5. Interested in a career in journalism, in public relations. In medicine, in business. Talk with a person in your chosen field about what to do now to prepare for your future.

6. Get advice from students in university as well as university personnel on surviving your lst year - study skills, living on your own.

7. Follow YOUR dreams. Do you know someone who is doing something different in their career choices? Whether it is following a career in sports, fashion, acting, skateboarding...... What challenges do they face?

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