January 2002
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Freak, Geek or Sheep? The choice is yours.
By Rhea T.
Some people just enjoy standing out.
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Sometimes Parents Just Don't Understand
By Eugenie B.
Most adults find teenagers confusing, but really it's the other way around.
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What Do You Mean, 15 Miles?
By Alvin C.
All teens have heard that very annoying phrase from parents; "When I was your age I had to walk fifteen miles to school! Uphill! Both ways!"
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It's a Matter of Trust
By Dennifer B.
Parents, when you say, "We trust you", prove it!
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Open Your Eyes
By Kira W.
Teachers need to see that some students are not learning in a safe environment.
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What Adults Should Know About Teens
By Julia K.
Dear Julia: Remember me? I'm your former self the one who walked through those high school doors long ago, eagerly awaiting the experiences and lessons that lay ahead.
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A No-Win Situation: Smoking ban fails to butt-out second hand smoke
By Melody R.
Forget bars! When I turn eighteen in a couple of weeks, I might actually be allowed into a coffee shop or restaurant! Woo-hoo!
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Cliques and Teens
By Christina M.
Many adults would be shocked to see how many teenagers (especially girls) act so critically and negatively towards their peers.
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