May 2002
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Spiderman gets his time to shine
By Jessie Makim, Age 15, Dartmouth High, Dartmouth, NS

Batman and Superman have had their day on the big screen. Now it's time for Spiderman. Spiderman has only had series of video games made for him. Those days are over. Spiderman now has a major motion picture. With some of the latest technology, and some of Hollywood's rising stars, Spiderman certainly seems to have potential.

When it hit movie theatres Spiderman was number one at the box offices. Not even the latest Batman movies have had so much success so quickly. Even the blockbuster Harry Potter couldn't top Spiderman. The first three days that Harry Potter was out it made an estimated 90.3 million, and Spiderman made whopping 114.8 million dollars in its first three days!

Spiderman has been much anticipated and the numbers certainly prove it was worth the wait!

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is an intelligent, misunderstood, high school senior who isn't part of the popular ‘in crowd'. Parker has one true blue friend in Harry (James Franco) who encourages him to go for his dreams and his dream girl Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). During a trip to a museum Parker is bitten by a spider. The spider transfers its characteristics to him; giving him the ability to do things like shooting webs and superhuman reflexes.

While Parker goes about enjoying these amazing abilities, he starts to neglect his responsibilities. His irresponsible behaviour begins to hurt others and he realizes he must change for the greater good. Now Peter has to battle the most dangerous villain known to him, the Green Goblin who has been terrorizing New York City and his loved ones. Anyone discovering Spiderman's identity would put everyone's lives in jeopardy, would put a halt to his privacy, and make it nearly impossible to continue to help people.

"I thought the movie was great. Spiderman wasn't perfect, he made mistakes," says Jasmine Lee. "It was great to see a super hero who the rest of us could relate to".

This film used computer effects never used before. For example, the powered scooter used by the Green Goblin to fly around New York City. It was used instead of the usual fake scooter that doesn't move. They had a stunt man ride it and then used computer animation to make it appear to move.

Is this the last of Spider-Man? Director Sam Raini say no. Tobey is signed on for at least two more movies. So be prepared to have your fill of Spider-Man in the coming years.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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