May 2002
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P-C-A…Power Cheerleading All the Way!
By: Lesley T.
Cheerleading has begun to leak its way into Canadian high schools from Edmonton to Ontario, often called spirit squads, but don't think it's anything like the old stereotype.
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Understanding Special-Needs
By: Kim F.
There is more tolerance for difference today, more acceptance of those who are not as capable.
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Pressure to be ‘thin'
By: Leigh-Anne L.
There are groups of people out there, lurking in chat rooms and message boards, hoarding together to promote diseases like anorexia and bulimia.
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The Nite-Time Video-Store Blues
By: Jenessa R.
It's going to be a tough shift.
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The Life of the "Band Geek"
By: Nancy C.
Unknown to the rest of the population there is a group of people who spend their time differently.
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Another Day on the Job  
By: Jillian D.
The fishery has always been the livelihood of Newfoundland.
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