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Newfoundland school launches tv show and newspaper

By: Crystal Martin, Danielle Cornick and Nadine Plowman
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

Students in Port Saunders now have two new media aimed at them — a cable television show for teenagers and a school newspaper at Roncalli.

The first edition of the Student Voice caused great excitement when it was distributed earlier this month. The papers were sold at recess and lunch for fifty cents a copy. At recess, there had to more copies made because they had sold out.

The paper is written, operated and produced by the grade nine class. The paper has a sports section. This edition features the cross-country teams. It also has a gossip column, jokes, local events, Roncalli news, and letters to the editor.

Next issue will sport a ‘Dear Lauren' column. It's the Student Voice's answer to ‘Dear Abby'. There's also a mystery person contest in the paper, including a ballot and clues.

Aurele Beaupre is the teacher behind this newspaper. It is his grade nine English class writing the paper. The editor is grade nine student, Judy Synes

"The newspaper was introduced in the grade nine class because writing newspaper articles is an objective of the English course," he said.

"By having students complete a newspaper rather than just articles, learning becomes more fun for the students."

When asked about the paper, Mazie House, the principal of Roncalli, says "what a wonderful experience for our students."

Meanwhile, students at Roncalli have started Teen T.V, a news program on the local cable station that will be for teenagers. It will air stories that will be written by teens and approved by teens. Teen T.V will air one hour a week and feature stories about teenagers and the things that happen around them.

The idea came up when Roncalli teacher, Don Tulk, and a few students were in St. John's over the summer for a journalism conference sponsored by the SchoolNet News Network. There, they worked with a group of students from Nova Scotia who had their own television station at school.

Tulk thought the telelvision show was a good idea so he mentioned it to a few of his students from Communications 2104.

"I can't wait to get started, " said Jennifer House, while Tyson Ryan said "Teen T.V will help teenagers keep in touch with what is happening around them."

The show will be run by students in Communications 2104. Students must prepare one story a week for each show. Each student will be paired with a professional journalist from across the country so that they can get help with writing their story. In order for this to be a success, the class needs support from the community to buy new equipment.

"I think people are going to be impressed with the quality of work done by students," said Tulk.


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