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Former hockey player campaigns against abuse

Sheldon Kennedy stood at the back of the gymnasium, which was packed with over 400 students, teacher and parents.
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New technology funding creates jobs for young people

The federal government has unveiled a new program that will provide new job opportunities for young people in Newfoundland and Labrador and promote the use of the information highway.
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Sheldon Kennedy shares story of pain and courage

Before Sheldon Kennedy came to visit Banded Peak School, some people felt unsure about what he was going to say. Others were wondering about the car accident that he had while driving in Edmonton. Was he a proper role model for kids?
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Nurse practitioners: health care for rural communities

People living in rural communities near Port Saunders on Newfoundland's northern peninsula now have access to a new kind of health care professional -- nurse practitioners.
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Distance education: the way of the future

In many schools across Canada, students are taking advantage of a technology known as distance education.
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      Teachers and students grapple with copying problem

At Roncalli, like many other schools, copying is a problem.In almost every course, a student or a group of students copy homework and assignments from other students or copy pages from the
Internet for language reports without giving credit.
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  Newfoundland school launches tv show and newspaper

Students in Port Saunders now have two new media aimed at them — a cable television show for teenagers and a school newspaper at Roncalli.
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