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Anaphe - a place for healing

By Graham Adams, Tyler Harris, Britney Jones,
Janeve Everett, Zoe Brown and Jessica Cromwell
Banded Peak School
Bragg Creek, Alberta


Anaphe, we hear the word all over the school. Anaphe. What is Anaphe?

A man named Sheldon Kennedy is at the top of the Anaphe chain. When he was sixteen, Kennedy was sexually abused by his coach, Graham James, over 300 times, once at gunpoint.

Kennedy went on to become a NHL player but he remained silent about the events of his past life. However, in 1997, he decided to speak up. He wanted to be heard and he wanted other kids who had been abused to speak up also.

Kennedy began a skate across Canada and as people started to follow, he began to work towards his ultimate goal -- to raise money for a 400 acre camp in British Columiba where abused kids could come to recover.

a poem by Rudee Hastie

Why does it have to be this way?
Every night in bed I pray.
Forgive myself?
I could not.
In my mind I slipped away.

It's help I need,
And it's help I got.

Finally, I told myself I'll be happy,
At a special ranch called Anaphe.



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