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GVC plans new online literary course

by Heidi Dyck
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba


A new online English Literary course will be added to the Garden Valley Collegiate Grade 12 program next semester.

Shauna Hamm, who presently teaches an in-class version of the literary course, will create and deliver the new online course. She previously taught the online version of Technical Communications.

Hamm and another English teacher, Larry Danielson, have been working hard since last spring to make this course possible. In addition to using new course material, the course will use a software that's new to GVC -- Lotus Notes Learning Space. This software is used in a special pilot project with Lotus Notes Canada.

In this new course, Hamm hopes to adapt most of her in-class Literary curriculum, but at the same time to explore new opportunities available in the online medium. Hamm says the method of delivery for the new course may help to eliminate some of the time constraints Grade 12 students face. She also expects the alternative approach will allow students to be more open and willing to share their writing.

In adding this new online class, the elements of not enough time and space hope to be eliminated. In the online literary course, delayed feedback can become a benefit, giving students more time to reflect on what they want to say, and give their comments more depth and meaning.


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