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School introduces new information technology program

By Matthew Elias
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Garden Valley Collegiate has recently launched a new Information Technology program to help prepare students for rapid advances with computer technology.

Starting this fall, GVC is offering six of a projected cluster of twelve information technology courses. Two of the popular new courses are offered at the Grade 11 level: "Basics In Troubleshooting" and "Advanced Operating Systems." Two additional new courses, slated to be introduced next year and offered at the Senior Grade 12 level, will extend what students learn in these technical courses.

Patterned in part on a similar program at Tech Voc Secondary School in Winnipeg, the new program offers students a certificate in information technology. The courses also provide students knowledge needed to become Novel, Microsoft, IBM, Apple and A+ certified. Being certified means having the knowledge to deal with hardware and software problems. GVC hopes to off students high school courses that could cost them as much as $16,000 to $20,000 through post-secondary programs.

"We want to give the our information- technology students a jump on things, just as our automotive students now have," says Dan Giesbrccht, vice principal at GVC. "The Information Technology program designed to give the students a broader horizon of job opportunities."

The goal of the new program is to prepare students for the working world.

"We want students to be able to walk out of our high school and get a job, that's the key." esays Justin Deshauer , who teaches the demanding Troubleshooting and Operating Systems courses.

What the students previously did with Deshauer in their spare time is now a formal course and they receive credit for what they learn and do.
W.C. Miller Collegiate in nearby Altona, Manitoba, is also planning to create a similar program, but it will be limited to only a few students.


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