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Searching the World Wide Web for information on journalism can be a major difficulty. To make it easier, SNN has compiled a list of the best sites, divided into categories. Click one of the categories below to see the links under it.


Daily News

Media for Youth

Weekly News

Journalism Sites


Research Tools

School Newspapers

Journalism Schools


Teacher Resources

Youth Organizations

  • Allied Youth International
• YouCan
• CIDA - YouthZone Program
• Shad Valley
• Katimavik
• Conservation Corp of Nfld. & Labrador
• Students Commission
• Cadets
• Boy Scouts
• Girl Guides
• Canadian World Youth
• Career Edge: Canadian Youth Internship Program
• Youth International Internship Program
• Encounters with Canada
• Junior Achievement
• NetCorps
• Youth In Care
• 4H Club
• Youth Science Foundation
• United Nations Environment Program
• Amnesty International
• Youth Exchanges Canada
• Forum for Young Canadians
• Boys and Girls Club of Canada
• Canadian Junior Chamber
• Youth Volunteer Corp
• Unicef Canada
• Oxfam Canada
• World Vision
• World Wildlife Fund Canada




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