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Searching the World Wide Web for information on journalism can be a major difficulty. To make it easier, SNN has compiled a list of the best sites, divided into categories. Click one of the categories below to see the links under it.


Daily News

Media for Youth

Weekly News

Journalism Sites


Research Tools

School Newspapers

Journalism Schools


Teacher Resources


  • Assoc. of Coll. and Univ. of Canada
• Can. Merit Scholarship Foun.
• Can. Assoc. of Broadcasters
• E.G. Penny Memorial Awards
• Memorial Univ. of Nfld. Scholarships
• University of King's College
• Carleton University
• Ryerson University
• York University Scholarships
• McMaster Scholar Awards
• Univ. of B.C. Awards/Scholarships
• Univ. of Western Ontario Scholarships
• EF Global Citizen Awards
• Monbukagakusho Scholarships
• Wendy's Classic Achiever Scholarship Awards Program
• Reginald K. Groome Memorial Scholarships - Scouts Canada
• Girl Guides of Canada Scholarships
• Mensa Canada Scholarship Program
• B.C./Yukon Command – Royal Canadian Legion bursaries
• Lucent Global Science Scholars prog.
• Human Resources Dev. Canada


Youth Organizations




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