SNN Monthly Edition - June 2001 -Movie: Miss Congeniality
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Movie Review: Miss Congeniality
By: Andrew McG., Holy Trinity School, Torbay, NF

From action to comedy, this movie has it all. The FBI is trying to stop a terrorist who leaves them clues to what he will be bombing next. The FBI deciphers the letter and realizes that he will be bombing the Miss America pageant.

So the FBI makes a deal with the pageant to put Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock; "28 Days") in the pageant as Gracie Lou Freebush. There's one problem: Gracie Hart is a sloppy dirty tomboy who doesn't own a brush, a dress, or high heels. She can't stand dresses, and she has no manners. So how is she going to look like she belongs at the pageant? They get a trainer, and he tries to get her to look good enough for the pageant. And the pageant is in two days.

The FBI already have it rigged so that she would make it to the top five in the contest. When she gets there, she is good enough to be in the top five. She makes some friends while trying to discover who was the terrorist, and how she would stop him. There is a lot of funny things in the movie, like when she walks on the stage and trips up in front of the packed auditorium, or when she tried to jump someone to get the crown (you have to watch the movie to get this joke).

There's a lot of action like when she is beating up other FBI agents in fights or doing drug busts.

This movie is really funny, and it is good for all ages. The special effects, like the explosions, are good.

I would recommend this movie to everyone because it is really funny. I liked everything in the movie, from the jokes to the explosion and gunshots.

I give movie three out of four stars. This is worth the cost of rental.

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