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The Future of Extreme Sports lives within a small child's bicycle
By: Alex P., Macdonald Drive School, St. John's, NF

No, you didn't read the heading wrong. It is true that the future of extreme sports is extreme tricycles.

These heavy-duty tricycles have all the same aspects of a BMX, including pegs, three piece cranks and front/back brakes. They also have super strong frames to put up with the sick drops and transfers done by these extremists.

Every year, more and more extreme trikes are showing up in skate parks. One of the two most important tricks for extreme triking is the bunny hop.

This is a trick when you pull all wheels and yourself off the ground. It is extremely useful for doing grinds and spin tricks. The other is a 180, which is a must if you want to ride half/quarter pipe because if you don't turn around when you are in the air, you are gonna fall flat on your face.

A good thing about trikes is that they are light and easy to spin and hop on. A bad thing is that they are small and have no seats. This means that they are extremely easy to crash and hurt yourself on. I hope that when my local bike shop gets extreme trikes, I will buy one and see just how easy, or hard, they are to ride.

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