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By Amy A., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

There's nothing now
I was left here all alone
I often wonder how
How can I continue, nothings left. I'm alone
I find myself asking why?
Why can't you hold me and never let me go? Have you forgotten me?
There's no one here, I need to be saved
My tears are silent inside me
What's left for me here. I'm fading into nothing
I look inside myself, only to find what's left of my shattered heart
It's slowly filling with darkness, loneliness emptiness
This pain is too real, why won't it heal?
All my love and happiness has faded away
I'm broken, can anyone save me now?
I miss everything, there's too much to handle. I can't continue this way
I'm lost, there's nothing left. I've lost the only one that understood me
Darkness has captured my light. I walk into my fate
I give up. I don't care anymore, what's the point?
There's no one here to talk to, to help me... to love
emptiness has taken over me
I'm lost now...
     Can I be saved?


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