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Daddy, daddy
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Daddy it's your little girl
You and Mommy are my world
Life it is so perfect
I prance, I skip, I twirl
But daddy, daddy I have a question
A small blur only a suggestion
Daddy, daddy, daddy why do you stare at me with such aggression?
When I only have a question
An non-important suggestion
To fix the perfect world
For your lonely baby girl
Daddy why'd you make mommy cry?
Is big sister going to die?
How much longer will you lie?
Why do you turn away?
On this day
Where in the sky dark clouds sway
And in guilt my conscious lays
But in the dirt the spirits stay
The ones I lost on a day
Where in the sky dark clouds sway
Big sister is so lucky
To be so braver and stronger
Than me
But how will she last longer
Than me?
Today I fell from the apple tree
There was no one to catch me
As you were with your family
But that's okay
Today I'll stay
Broken and bruised under the apple tree
On this day
Where in the sky dark clouds sway
As thoughts circle in my head
As I ly awake in bed
Tears staining my face
Daddy where are you?
Daddy, to who are you true?
I asked big sister
She glared at me like you
Who is your woman, not your wife?
Is she the centre of your new life?
I asked big sister
And into my eyes she glared
As I stood by and stared
As you destroyed yourself
Put my love atop a shelf
That's okay
Glad I could help
Now please help me
To understand
Take my hand
Not the woman's
No matter what happens
Big sister's spirit never dampens
On this day
Where in the sky dark clouds sway
But daddy, how much longer will she last?
With such a past?
God gave her a hard enough task
She is only eleven
And no matter what she'll go to heaven
But daddy, daddy what about me?
Because I'm only a human being
I will collapse it is foreseen
Daddy, daddy, I'm only fifteen


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