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The Naked Truth
By Brittany H., Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone walked around naked? Well, sometimes I think that would almost make things better, instead of confrontations about whether or not to wear school uniforms. If you think about it, walking around naked would solve all the problems with girls dressing inappropriately or guys with their pants to low.

So, really, the whole school uniforms issue the school board has been talking about lately, seems to be almost everywhere you turn - newspapers, T.V., and the public. There are many different opinions about this topic and I guess it really depends on you as a person and how you want to decipher it. I think that school uniforms for high school students aren't such a bad idea; after all, it solves many problems that youth today have to deal with quite often. For example, I know in high school today, there are often ranges of "cliques" and in some of these groups there is a variety of clothing that is worn. Some of these groups might be "Punks", who may dress in older age clothes. "Goths" who may dress in darker colors and are considered to be a little scarier, or "Preps", who maybe have more of an assortment of colors and have to be more "up-to-date" with the new trends, and they are usually the more "popular people".

As you can plainly see, all those different groups are labeled which isn't fair, because I am positive that not ALL "Goths" are scary and wear just dark colors and not ALL "preppy" people are considered "popular". Having school uniforms would save people from labeling others and see everyone as equals. By labeling, the community doesn't see the people behind the expensive clothes, or the darker colors, they instantly label them instead of getting to know them as a person. I, along with many others, feel very strongly about treating others equally and fairly. I think if there was to be school uniforms people would get along better and they wouldn't separate themselves from getting to know people, meaning they would talk to people they may not usually talk to and broaden there horizons.

In the media, there are many icons whom appeal to younger audiences and who dress fairly revealing. I think having uniforms would also improve the played out, "skanky" way some girls dress today by covering them up and once again showing them as an equal and not as a sex object. However, I can also sympathize with the youth today about not wanting uniforms because they seem pointless and won't seem to change the way others get treated. If you feel this way, just stop and think for a second about how it's not really about what you want, it's what's best. What's best is having those kids that hate going to school because of how they are treated wanting to go. We need to take a step outside the box once in a while and see how other people feel. There is so much labeling among youth today and we need to think of some points to help reduce it, and I think school uniforms are a good start.


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